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I gripped the syringe full of ADAM tighter as I trecked through the halls or rapture, my faithful partner, Mr. B, beside me. He kinda smelled a bit but that was okay, he protected me from those monsters that tried to hurt me. I think they wanted my needle but they can't have it because its mine.
Another reason I trusted Mr. B so much was because he was the only one who looked past my needle and saw me through his horrifying red eyed helmet. another imperfection i was willing to look past. He was my buddy plane and simple, and i would protect him too, although there was little i was able to offer.
"huhfmmmmm..." he said, tightening his grip on his weapon. His heavy steps echoed through the walls.
"Shh, Mr. B, they'll hear you." I scolded him, looking up at him and blinking.
He looked ahead again, shaking his head and making a strange noise that kind of sounded like laughter.
I smiled.
My buddy.
Suddenly, Mr. B froze, and rose a large hand for me to stop. I did as I was told and whispered, "What-"
He lowered his hand quickly, "Shh..."
I put a hand over my mouth and listened with Mr. B.
He grunted and lifted his weapon, holding it across his chest, he stepped lightly over to a corner and glanced back at me once before he looked on the other side.
I shivered as fear crept up on me. faint tapps were coming from behind me. I franticlly tuned around, my dress twirling.
A monster! The thing was doing flips, coming for me at an alarming rate.
Mr. B looked back and jumped in panic and the monster came for me, and would probably get there before B. He threw his gun up and fired at the monster, missing.
"HELP ME MR.B!" I yowled and tried to scrmble away but i tripped over my feet and fell on my back, the syringe went flying.
"HERRRRRGHH!" Mr. B spat and slammed himself into the monster as it jumped for me. The monster howled and threw a sharp piece of medal at Mr. B as soon as he was able to squirm away. It imbedded itself inside his helmet.
Mr. B stumbled, trying to recover as he dropped his weapon when the thing began to throw the medal non-stop. Mr. B quickly grabbed his weapon and fired at the thing, hitting it right between the eyes. It slumped to the ground, unmoving.
Mr. B fell to his knees and panted, putting his helmeted head in his hands, trying to recover.
"Mr. B!" I happily exclaimed and threw myself at him. Mr. B oppened an arm and held me too him, looking around for danger.
I sniffled as a sharp scent hit my nose. I leaned back and examined B. A thick cloud of smoke was coming from his suit.
"Mr. B, are you okay?"
He grunted and stood to his feet, patting me on the back, his way of telling me to come on. I stood up and retrieved my syringe, following Mr. B close behind.
So much fuss over a stupid needle.

a little later I and Mr. B walked through a door and into a wierd looking room with huge tubes sticking out of the ground. Mr. B stopped and took a step back. He didn't like this room.
"Whats wrong Mr. B?"
He shook his head, backing through the door.
Six more of those monsters crawled down from the ceiling and surrounded me and Mr. B. B froze horrifyed and pointed his gun in circles, at all of them. We were doomed.
A flurry of medal came flying as I dropped to the ground and covered my ears, humming, trying to block out the sounds.
the horrifying sound of medal against armor split the air as a loud thump shook the ground. I barely oppened one eye and saw a familiar boot. I howled and squinted my eyes tight shut again, tears beginning to fill my eyes.
Mr. B was gone.....
and I was next.
yep :T Bioshock
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Ninja-Tampon Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Student Artist
That was epic....i feel special cause my name is Mary Elizabeth.....and my name was in the title of an epic story.... Yay
GamerGirlist Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012
dawww this is really good! ;)
VodkaWarrior Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012
danke ^^
GamerGirlist Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012
no problem!
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